Christine Hall, vice-president, resident watercolour painter.

Vaibhav Aggarwal is president of both this club and the couch potato club.

Casey Tin takes care of the 💰. Ever pondering the next adventure with her friends.

Hubert Wong leads the conference planning. A rare breed of swimmer - the cliff diver.

Felicia Fung, external events director, bets she has binge-watched all the shows you have.

Jochen Hsia helps take care of events, beer, and expensive pens.

Jaclyn Miller, social charity director. Watches an embarrassing amount of reality TV.

Yuri Choi, a social charity director, but also a baker and cake decorator for hire.

Logan Benninger, 3rd & 4th year rep. Likes skiing moguls for whatever strange reason.

Jonathan Chan, 2nd year rep, fuels his hikes by eating the cookies he bakes.

Nathan Kwok, 1st year rep, does his work while doing reps at the gym.

Candice Lee, admin director, considers herself a professional exotic library explorer.

Jessica Lee. Marketing is her passion, tackling people in rugby is her religion.

Gabby Wong creates all the graphics. Napping is her sport of choice.