Masters of Professional Accounting (MPAcc)

A program designed for degree graduates interested in pursuing the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation.



What is the Master of Professional Accounting Program (MPAcc)?

MPAcc is a graduate degree program that develops exceptional accounting professionals and business leaders. It is delivered on the University of Saskatchewan campus in Saskatoon, SK over two consecutive summers, beginning in May and ending in August. In the eight month intervening period, the majority of students gain relevant work experience at a Chartered Professional Accountants’ (CPA) approved training office.

During the summer sessions, senior faculty members lead the program’s interactive and integrated seminars, and high-profile guest speakers add excitement and relevance to the learning experience. The program of study includes:

  • A broad range of subjects including the business environment, financial management, strategic management, information systems, and entrepreneurship
  • Advanced material in the core areas of accounting, assurance, and taxation
  • A research project where students learn to understand and critique academic research
  • Personal competency workshops and seminars that facilitate the development of ethical and professional behavior, innovative and strategic thinking, self-confidence, initiative and adaptability

Who can apply?

The ideal candidate for the MPAcc Program is pursuing the CPA designation, has been successful in or is pursuing a four year undergraduate accounting program or has equivalent Canadian accounting education, and appreciates the value of a graduate degree. Other factors we consider when choosing candidates include employment with and relevant work experience at a CPA firm, a strong grade point average (B+ and above), and professional skills including the ability to communicate effectively, lead groups, work in teams, and adapt quickly to change.

What is the difference between MPAcc & CPA PEP?

MPAcc is a graduate degree offered by the University of Saskatchewan, while CPA PEP is the official training program for CPA candidates in Western Canada, offered by the provincial institute of CPAs. PEP has granted graduates of the MPAcc program exemption from the first five modules of its program. MPAcc grads join withPEP students in Module 6 and if they are successful are eligible to write the CFE. Thus MPAcc students are also PEP students, taking a different route to their post undergraduate professional education.

The PEP program exposes students to the challenges and issues facing a variety of companies of all sizes and they learn how to effectively manage the various stages of growth and transition. While taking modules, students are simultaneously completing 30 months of paid work experience in a CPA firm, which is an Approved Training Office. PEP students are not required to relocate, however may be required to travel for the Face-to-Face interactive learning sessions.

While MPAcc covers content that is similar to the PEP program, the method of study is more traditional. Students relocate to Saskatoon for two consecutive summer terms, living in residences or sub-let apartments. They take 11 courses over the two summers, attending class from three to six hours most days and spending the remaining hours studying and preparing for their next classes. The MPAcc program is demanding and students generally do not work while in the program. In between the first and second years most students return to their homes and resume working at a CPA firm. To qualify for their CPA designation, students must meet PEP’s requirements.

How many students go through MPAcc each year?

The MPAcc program accepts around 85 students each year. The deadline for applications is November 30th each year for the program that starts two calendar years later. For example, applications are due on November 30, 2011 for the MPAcc program that starts in May, 2013. Note that we will accept letters of recommendation until January 15 as long as the candidate’s application form was received by the November 30th deadline.

Who can we contact?

For more information please contact our office:

Visit the Edwards School of Business Website – MPAcc Program