Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase membership for 2020/2021?

Membership for the 2020/2021 school year can be purchased through Showpass. Membership is valid until April 30th, 2021 and gives access to all of our events for the year.


Sign up for membership now!


How do I get access to the UBC Accounting Club Newsletter?

The UBC Accounting Club Newsletter is delivered to our members weekly on Sundays at 9:00 PM PST. Through the newsletter, we give students early access to register for our events before they reach capacity as well as information on various internal and external opportunities in Accounting.

To gain access to this AMAZING resource, you must be a member of the UBC Accounting Club (sign up by clicking here). Afterwards, you will be automatically added to our mailing list. Please reach out if you haven’t been receiving the emails!


Do you have any information on updated deadlines or timelines?

The Business Career Center at UBC Sauder has compiled this document with updated information regarding the new Public Practice Recruit Framework, offer dates, acceptance dates, etc. Please check it out!

As more information becomes available, we will regularly be sharing it throughout all our social media.


What will Term 1 look like?

As Term 1 of the 2020/2021 Winter Session at UBC Sauder has been moved online, the UBC Accounting Club has acted in kind and will be transitioning our annual event lineup to a virtual platform, with at least one new big event every month. We’ve already begun this process with our summer events and are aiming to continue the trend until December. Where any typical events are not suited for an online adjustment, they will be replaced with new events more conducive to the current climate.

We understand that virtual networking presents new challenges and is quite different from the in-person communication you’ve grown accustomed to. To make this transition as seamless as possible, our team is working tirelessly to still create a comfortable experience in which you find the same value you were looking for, if not more.


Will you be providing details on job opportunities available to students?

During the shifting landscape created by COVID-19, job opportunities are perhaps the greatest concern among students. We understand the toll the ambiguity of this situation has taken on our members, and we have taken steps to ensure that students are up to date and receive all pertinent information in a timely manner (ex. promoting job openings through our weekly newsletter and maintaining close relationships with BC firms to obtain access to their postings).

We also update our website, newsletter, and social media with any such opportunities as soon as we hear about them, so make sure to watch out for those!


Is there a calendar through which we can view all upcoming events?

As we cannot determine a date for every event during the year too far in advance, we do not keep a running calendar specifically for this purpose. However, as soon as any dates are finalized, you can find that information in the “Events” tab on our website, our social media releases, or the CUS.


Will there be any in-person networking this year?

Given that Term 1 of the 2020/2021 Winter Session at Sauder has been moved online, the UBC Accounting Club will be unable to host any in-person events for the months of September – December. However, as both the university and government policies for Term 2 have yet to be determined, we are actively pursuing opportunities for students to meet firms face-to-face, whether that be through off-campus events, limited capacities, or taking stringent health and safety measures. We’ll be issuing regular updates throughout our social media and weekly newsletters, so make sure to watch out for more information!


When and how will this year’s conference be held?

Our first ever UBC Accounting Club Conference will be held in March 2021! As the deliverance of this new event is largely dependent on university and government guidelines/restrictions at the time and may be subject to change, we are currently exploring options for both physical and virtual spaces. Please direct any additional questions to our Conference Coordinator, Hubert Wong, at hubert.wong@ubcaccountingclub.com.


Will you be hosting any socials this year?

Yes! The UBC Accounting Club team believes whole-heartedly in taking an active role in our community, especially in the challenging times we all face today. As such, we are planning team socials that will provide our executives with a chance to make a positive impact on our school and surrounding community.

Additionally, we are bringing back our popular event Member Appreciation Night, to be held in November! This is purely a casual, social event full of games and prizes as a way to thank our members for all their support.


Are there any volunteer opportunities I can participate in?

Any such external opportunities are actively advertised through our weekly newsletter (Sundays at 9:00PM PST). Firms provide us with the details and we immediately share them with our member pool.

Within our own club, we do not typically take on volunteers to help us plan/run events. This responsibility lies solely with our executive team members. However, should we require any additional help in the future, we will come first to our members for volunteers!


Do you allow students from other universities to join/participate in your events?

The UBC Accounting Club does not prevent students from other universities from becoming members and participating in our events. However, as we represent UBC students to both the student population and our sponsors, they are given priority registration above all others at all of our events (specifically those that operate under a limited seating capacity). We welcome students from all over Canada to join us throughout the year, but be sure to keep this policy in mind.


How will you accommodate those in different time zones?

With COVID-19 pushing the student body to different corners of the world, we are cognizant of the toll this may take on your educational and professional development. To help ease the strain, we’ve enacted a number of initiatives to support our members working in dramatically different time zones:

  • Our weekly newsletter, through which we first open registration for our events, has been moved from its typical 6:00PM PST time to 9:00PM PST.
  • Similar to the above, we are holding events later in the evening to prevent forcing those on the other side of the world from having to join too early (ex. Virtual Games Night)!
  • We are pursuing creating events more fit for recording as a way to allow those unable to attend an event the opportunity to still receive the information generated from it.


 Are there going to be any individual firm events for us to get to know firms?

At all UBC Accounting Club events, we typically invite representatives from various firms to provide students with a diverse networking experience. However, firms themselves are known to run such events throughout the year to introduce students to their company. In fact, we have worked closely with CPABC to arrive at this document detailing various upcoming events hosted by countless firms. Make sure to check it out!

These events can be also found on each firms’ website and are advertised through us as well. As always, members get early access to registration through our newsletter before public release so make sure you sign up for membership!


If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to our President, Vaibhav Aggarwal, at vaibhav.aggarwal@ubcaccountingclub.com.