President's Address

Ji Eun Kim

Dear Members,

I am honored and privileged to assume the role of President of the UBC Accounting Club (2018-2019). I am deeply grateful to my predecessor, Jaggy Heer, for his leadership and outstanding contributions to the club during his presidency, and the members of the executive team (2017-2018).

The growth of the UBC Accounting Club has been propelled collectively by the executives and all the past presidents and past members of the club. I look forward to continuing this important work towards fulfilling the mission of the club. In this endeavour, I am joined by an amazing new executive team, who I am proud to be working alongside for the upcoming year.

With their continued support and that of our sponsors, I am confident that we will be steadfast in addressing the needs of our membership base, and in the upcoming year our accomplishments will be many — within the club as well as in the larger Sauder community.

We will be kicking off the year with our CPA Recruit Networking Event on May 15th. This will be an opportunity for students to network with leaders from public accounting firms who have been successful through the rigorous process. At the event, you will have a chance to learn more about the CPA Recruit, gain tips on how to be a standout candidate, and have your questions answered by our experienced presenters!

During the rest of the summer, the Club’s schedule will be packed with some of our largest networking events of the year, which will include our annual Midsize Firm Speed Networking Event (July 26th), and Summer Sports Day (August 9th), Summer BBQ (August 28th).

The Club’s commitment does not end with the CPA Recruit! UBC Accounting Club will be planning multiple workshops, information sessions, charity socials and member appreciation events throughout the academic year, which will highlight the Accounting option, industry and community.

My team and I are planning new events and initiatives this year to provide the utmost value that you all deserve. Make sure to sign up for our mailing list by becoming a member and seeing the updates as we progress through the year!

On behalf of my team, I thank you for your continued support and feedback. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and we look forward to seeing you at our future events!


Ji Eun Kim


UBC Accounting Club